TV Contest

Are you the one that more it knows? We propose a multidisciplinary activity which we cross famous contests of the history of the television. Always guided by our moderator we face a contest that will test the ingenuity of the teams with challenges that that will force us to be as versatile as possible.

Other events that we suggest:

Short Film Festival

We challenge teams to record a short film. To s tart with they have to prepare a script with introduction, development and resolution. Each team is free to come up with its own theme and script. A great team work! At the end of the day we will carry out the glamorous prize ceremony at the Film Festival.

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Indoor Games

We assist a challenges rotation in order to illustrate the appropriate balance among economics, social issues and environmental matters. Although activities are simple, they require, above all, a strong team work.
They allow establishing the appropriate roles for the team members, a flowing dynamic of the group and agreement in order to face conflict.

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Catapult Challenge

With only bamboo, rubber, leather and tape and other basic materials from our warehouse, teams will have to use their creativity to the maximum in order to build a catapult that can fire an egg the longest distance possible.
Finally, all teams will gather together at the firing zone for the World Record Egg Flinging Bid. We challenge people to catch the egg before to crash and it means double points.

We live the “Julius Caesar” catapult tournament.

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