Treasure Hunt

An amazing Treasure Hunt in the town of Sitges . The teams have to find their way through the busy and winding streets of this old picturesque sailing town in order to find 5-6 locations. At each location our facilitator will present the team a challenge or an activity. Each activity scores and additionally by accomplishing some activities the teams are given valuable clues to where the pirate chest is hidden.

Other events that we suggest:

Beach Olympic Games

This is a team competition that consists of a number of beach sports and games designed to promote communication and interaction within teams.
We want to create a unique competition that can simulate the organization of the Olympic games, with a range of disciplines available for all the participants that are exciting and loads of fun.


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Nature Activities

We offer to visits the spectacular geography of Catalunya by visiting Delta del Ebro where we teach the participants to skilfully manoeuvre the genuine wooden canoes (perchar). Or we get familiar with traditional agricultural chores such as rice harvesting, river fishing or a night-time kayak trip, trot riding in the Pyrenees!
Let’s enjoy the wide variety of activities that our surroundings offer.

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Urban & Cultural Rally

The teams solve riddles in order to find certain places of historic or culture interest around the city of Barcelona . At each place, one of our facilitator is waiting with questions about catalan culture. An amazing and original way to know Barcelona centre.


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