Raft Building Challenge

Inner tubes, ropes, planks of wood, and a Swiss army knife are given to each team. Following certain construction and safety rules given by our instructors, teams will have to build a raft capable of floating and transporting the whole team in the water.
Once built and in the water, a race will follow to test each team's construction. We look for the Robinson Crusoe Team...

Other events that we suggest:

Golf Tournament

We organise the best corporate golf tournaments in Catalunya. Basically any modality to suit your needs, scratch play, match play, stable ford etc. Would you like catering service along the course? We offer prizes for the longest drive and the closest hit to pin.
Of course we can brand the course according to your requirements. For the beginner we offer basic lessons and hints at the practice field. We will make your day at the golf course funnier!

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Beach Olympic Games

This is a team competition that consists of a number of beach sports and games designed to promote communication and interaction within teams.
We want to create a unique competition that can simulate the organization of the Olympic games, with a range of disciplines available for all the participants that are exciting and loads of fun.


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Beach Team Challenge

Teams are going to compete rotating for a series of team building activities. They face challenges that promote the spirit of team. Having coordination, communication, planning and a good action in the minor possible time. Sometimes an initial strategy is a must to obtain a good result. Finishing with a delivery of prizes indicating positive aspects of every team.

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