Gemma Mateu

Wind Cat Activities partner and Professional Coach. 
I am an outgoing and positive person, living here and now. I am socially gifted with a special talent to understand people’s needs and what really drives them. I am diplomatic and empathic, with a high individual motivation and I am deeply engaged in teamwork. I enjoy changes and I am set out to learn something new every day. I rise to the occasion and I am constantly eager to accept and overcome new challenges. The great social and cultural diversity in this world appeals to me. I have a great capacity of organization and I skilfully identify different options and alternatives to any problem that might arise. I take on any challenge with great sense of humour. I am tolerant with people in my surrounding, eloquent and communicative. I have developed expertise in sales and business processes, self-awareness and communication for the personal and professional development. 
I am an expert in Outdoor Training. I love to create situations that facilitate and provoke learning experiences and self-awareness, especially when they are tailor made individually or as a team. Formed in METALOG for Tobias Voss, founder of METALOG. Partner in METALOG's Spain and sole distributor of the tools for the spanish market.


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Gemma: + 34 663 981 631

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