Olympic Games

Would you simulate an Olympic athlete? In Montjuic Olympic Stadium or in a similar one we can organise the summer Olympic games. In our version of the traditional high jump competition, the teams choose a member to actually throw over the bar. In the long jump competition team members complete the jump holding onto each other and jumping in unison. The javelin competition includes several team members holding onto a broom as they launch it all together. Here the objective of every activity is to combine traditional Olympic disciplines with a twist in order to encourage teamwork.

Some of the challenges that can be included:

Wheelbarrow relay

A tribute of 400 free meters. One full lap. Every team distributes his members in pairs. Teams distribute their pairs every 100 metres, and then pairs wait the wheelbarrow turn.

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Feet of duck relay

Can you imagine trying to run with flippers on? Not simple at all. In this case the relay of the members of the team is in a minor distance: 200 metres.

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Water transporting relay

Every member of the team has a pipe to transport water. The water comes to you from the pipe of your companion. The goal is to be the first team filling with water a bucket.

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Other events that we suggest:

Beach Team Challenge

Teams are going to compete rotating for a series of team building activities. They face challenges that promote the spirit of team. Having coordination, communication, planning and a good action in the minor possible time. Sometimes an initial strategy is a must to obtain a good result. Finishing with a delivery of prizes indicating positive aspects of every team.

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Golf Tournament

We organise the best corporate golf tournaments in Catalunya. Basically any modality to suit your needs, scratch play, match play, stable ford etc. Would you like catering service along the course? We offer prizes for the longest drive and the closest hit to pin.
Of course we can brand the course according to your requirements. For the beginner we offer basic lessons and hints at the practice field. We will make your day at the golf course funnier!

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Giant Catamaran Trip

Enjoy a luxuries excursion with a giant catamaran along the spectacular coast of Barcelona . On board the participants will be able to relax to nice music mingle with their colleagues having drinks and some snacks.
The excursion can be done with a catering. Our hostesses will take of the service on board and make sure that the participants feel safe and relaxed.

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