This is a team competition that consists of a number of practical outdoor problem-solving exercises designed to promote communication and interaction within teams.
We have a wide selection of team tasks that are exciting and loads of fun. Teams rotate through the different bases competing against other teams at each. These games test individual and team's mental agility to the full and do not require a high of fitness. Points are awarded at each base and novelty prizes are awarded to the winning team.

Some of the challenges that can be included:


In this challenge we must obtain our aim without wasting and maximizing the efficiency of our resources. The Pipeline is a challenge of skill that depends on the coordination of the  team to take an object to a goal.

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A mixture of skill, coordination and communication is basic to overcome this challenge. The whole team establishes himself in a giant skis with capacity for several persons.

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Spider Web

The group is opposite a giant spiderweb. The challenge consists of crossing it without touching the holes that they can appreciate.

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Tangled rope

The challenge consists to undo the tangled rope. To overcome a good communication and strategy is indispensable. One to one they will solve his part of the tangle.

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The team faces a zone full of mines. They will have to cross it treading only on a few small dispersed bases for ground. With the effort of the whole team  they will find out the right way, only being a coordinated team will be able to get all participants to the end of the minefield.

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Viking Challenge

Challenge that requires an excellent teamwork. Part of the team, with life jacket and oars, places on a plank. They are the vikings. They must manage to advance up sailing in a sea.

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And many more available challenges! The electrified fence, the rescue of the treasure, the construction of the tower, crossing the river...
Other events that we suggest:

Indoor Games

We assist a challenges rotation in order to illustrate the appropriate balance among economics, social issues and environmental matters. Although activities are simple, they require, above all, a strong team work.
They allow establishing the appropriate roles for the team members, a flowing dynamic of the group and agreement in order to face conflict.

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Nature Activities

We offer to visits the spectacular geography of Catalunya by visiting Delta del Ebro where we teach the participants to skilfully manoeuvre the genuine wooden canoes (perchar). Or we get familiar with traditional agricultural chores such as rice harvesting, river fishing or a night-time kayak trip, trot riding in the Pyrenees!
Let’s enjoy the wide variety of activities that our surroundings offer.

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Creative Cultural Workshop

These activities will be taken care of by true professionals in the field of art. We want to show you a sort of our culture at a venue with an artistic atmosphere the participants will learn how to paint like the masters such as Dali, Picasso or Miro.
Apart from this we can also offer a tailor made Flamenco workshop, the event “How to go – Flamenco” we bring a “tablao” to your hotel or venue.

And we can also offer to meet a catalan culture, with our events "castellers" (UNESCO) and our "correfocs".

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