Indoor Games

We attended a rotation of challenges to the group cohesion, where we work, communication, leadership, teamwork, the sharing of roles, strategy... These activities are perfect to support the good atmosphere, do not involve any physical effort or risk, and they allow us to establish a good dynamics of group. In addition it could to be ideal as plan B in case of bad weather

Some of the challenges that can be included:


The participants are handed pieces of an octagonal shape. The outer edges of these pieces have a printed symbol on them. Each symbol has a matching counterpart on the outer edge of another piece, all together making up the complete shape. The goal is to put this eight-sided shape together and put it all down at once on the table with the printed side underneath. However, the symbols on each person’s pieces must be kept hidden.  It needs more than a dialog.

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The Tower of Power

An activity dedicated to those teams that put his very high aims. There are 8 wooden blocks upright on the floor. Each team member picks up one of the ropes that are connected to a crane. The task is to use the crane to build a tower by placing the blocks on top of each other.

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Leonardo's Bridge

Around 1480, Leonardo Da Vinci designed a transportable bridge that could be erected without tools. The participants’ task will be to construct a self-supporting bridge of 4 metres size, using only the 28 sticks provided. It is not allowed to use any other tools. The key factors for success are coordination within the group, creativity and sharing of knowledge.

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Other events that we suggest:

Show Cooking

Let’s organise a competition where the participants are the chefs (Paella contest or calçots challenge for example). Or why not try our gastronomic gymkhana where the participants are to figure out some hidden treasures of the Catalan cuisine. We can organise your own fresh food market with local products.
The aim is to have lots of fun getting to know and try out the local food.


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Big Samba

The teams are given their own practice area around the venue. The teams will get professional assistance by a musician as they elaborate and create their own performance of the Big Samba. Each team have to prepare their own costume with the objective to create unique uniforms. Once each participant is acquainted with their personal instrument the musicians will assist in co-ordinating the entire team to sound like a band. The team will also learn a unique sound that identifies the group. Eventually the team are to perform before all other teams at the Gala Performance, aiming to transmit the same vibe as the carnival in Rio.

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Metalog Training Tools

In will find all the information about our tools thought for the formation. Tools that connect us with the game, with the creativity, which they help us orientate to aims.

Metaphors that help to understand complicated theories and apply them in ours day after day.

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