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Wind Cat Activities offers you: the perfect complement to fight back boredom and routine from your professional meetings, workshops and seminars. We simply make your work more dynamic and fun!
For team building and motivation. We motivate and develop teams to increase personal efficiency. We improve human potential.
Wind Cat Training is a special department to develop human potential by coaching, training and motivational conferences.

Other events that we suggest:

Catapult Challenge

With only bamboo, rubber, leather and tape and other basic materials from our warehouse, teams will have to use their creativity to the maximum in order to build a catapult that can fire an egg the longest distance possible.

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Short Film Festival

We challenge teams to record a short film. To start with they have to prepare a script with introduction, development and resolution.

The Oscar goes to...

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Indoor Games

We assist a challenges rotation. Although activities are simple, they require, above all, a strong team work.

They allow establishing the appropriate roles for the team members, a flowing dynamic of the group and agreement in order to face conflict.

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Beach Team Challenge

During the winter we can also enjoy the beach. We foment the spirit of equipment in a rotation of team building challenges. Coordination, communication, planning and a good performance of equipment in the minor possible time.

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Air Hot Ballon

The free flight is one of the more efficiency ways to have your team motivated in a common goal. Before starting there will be a briefing about the flight itself and also about basics on aerostatic flying. It will be explained the navigation time and the route.
Participants will have a free flight over the area of VIC near BARCELONA . They will enjoy the wonderful landscape and will have the opportunity to discover a new way of flying.

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Our Training Tools:

Metalog Training Tools

In will find all the information about our tools thought for the formation. Tools that connect us with the game, with the creativity, which they help us orientate to aims.

Metaphors that help to understand complicated theories and apply them in ours day after day.

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