Golf Tournament

We organise the best corporate golf tournaments in Catalunya. Basically any modality to suit your needs, scratch play, match play, stable ford etc. Would you like catering service along the course? We offer prizes for the longest drive and the closest hit to pin.
Of course we can brand the course according to your requirements. For the beginner we offer basic lessons and hints at the practice field. We will make your day at the golf course funnier!

Other events that we suggest:

Catapult Challenge

With only bamboo, rubber, leather and tape and other basic materials from our warehouse, teams will have to use their creativity to the maximum in order to build a catapult that can fire an egg the longest distance possible.
Finally, all teams will gather together at the firing zone for the World Record Egg Flinging Bid. We challenge people to catch the egg before to crash and it means double points.

We live the “Julius Caesar” catapult tournament.

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Paintball Tournament

This is a team competition that consists of a number of paintball battle exercises designed to promote communication and interaction within teams. We have a wide selection of fields with different decoration and teams will get to enjoy the experience of fighting in different fields with the marks. The teams rotate from field to field playing other teams. Paintball is the perfect excuse to shoot your boss without getting fired, or maybe not?

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Winemaker For a Day

Subject to the season dedicated to the grape harvest (end of season summer and early fall), we propose an approach to the world of vintage. First we carry out the vintage and tread on the grape. Then we challenge participants to work together, becoming winemakers for a day, starting in this curious world, seeking to develop and "convince" their own wines.


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