Creative Cultural Workshop

These activities will be taken care of by true professionals in the field of art. We want to show you a sort of our culture at a venue with an artistic atmosphere the participants will learn how to paint like the masters such as Dali, Picasso or Miro.
Apart from this we can also offer a tailor made Flamenco workshop, the event “How to go – Flamenco” we bring a “tablao” to your hotel or venue.

And we can also offer to meet a catalan culture, with our events "castellers" (UNESCO) and our "correfocs".

Other events that we suggest:

Catapult Challenge

With only bamboo, rubber, leather and tape and other basic materials from our warehouse, teams will have to use their creativity to the maximum in order to build a catapult that can fire an egg the longest distance possible.
Finally, all teams will gather together at the firing zone for the World Record Egg Flinging Bid. We challenge people to catch the egg before to crash and it means double points.

We live the “Julius Caesar” catapult tournament.

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Big Samba

The teams are given their own practice area around the venue. The teams will get professional assistance by a musician as they elaborate and create their own performance of the Big Samba. Each team have to prepare their own costume with the objective to create unique uniforms. Once each participant is acquainted with their personal instrument the musicians will assist in co-ordinating the entire team to sound like a band. The team will also learn a unique sound that identifies the group. Eventually the team are to perform before all other teams at the Gala Performance, aiming to transmit the same vibe as the carnival in Rio.

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This is a team competition that consists of a number of practical outdoor problem-solving exercises designed to promote communication and interaction within teams.
We have a wide selection of team tasks that are exciting and loads of fun. Teams rotate through the different bases competing against other teams at each. These games test individual and team's mental agility to the full and do not require a high of fitness. Points are awarded at each base and novelty prizes are awarded to the winning team.

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