Big Samba

The teams are given their own practice area around the venue. The teams will get professional assistance by a musician as they elaborate and create their own performance of the Big Samba. Each team have to prepare their own costume with the objective to create unique uniforms. Once each participant is acquainted with their personal instrument the musicians will assist in co-ordinating the entire team to sound like a band. The team will also learn a unique sound that identifies the group. Eventually the team are to perform before all other teams at the Gala Performance, aiming to transmit the same vibe as the carnival in Rio.

Other events that we suggest:

Short Film Festival

We challenge teams to record a short film. To s tart with they have to prepare a script with introduction, development and resolution. Each team is free to come up with its own theme and script. A great team work! At the end of the day we will carry out the glamorous prize ceremony at the Film Festival.

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Treasure Hunt

An amazing Treasure Hunt in the town of Sitges . The teams have to find their way through the busy and winding streets of this old picturesque sailing town in order to find 5-6 locations. At each location our facilitator will present the team a challenge or an activity. Each activity scores and additionally by accomplishing some activities the teams are given valuable clues to where the pirate chest is hidden.

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Metalog Training Tools

In will find all the information about our tools thought for the formation. Tools that connect us with the game, with the creativity, which they help us orientate to aims.

Metaphors that help to understand complicated theories and apply them in ours day after day.

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