Beach Team Challenge

Teams are going to compete rotating for a series of team building activities. They face challenges that promote the spirit of team. Having coordination, communication, planning and a good action in the minor possible time. Sometimes an initial strategy is a must to obtain a good result. Finishing with a delivery of prizes indicating positive aspects of every team.

Some of the challenges that can be included:

Volley Beach & Volley Blanket

We will organise short several games. As an original note we will conduct volley blanket games. Teams must coordinate their movements to receive and return the ball with the only help of a blanket.

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Overcoming the Crisis

Situate near the water's edge a tube with several holes. At the bottom of the tube is an emblem of the company engaged in a cork. The challenge is to revive the team logo of the company. How? ... Have to fill the tube with seawater, but also going plugging the holes so that water does not escape.
We will need lots of communication, coordination, endurance and good leadership.

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Scorpion's grid

This challenge tests the member’s ability to cooperate without communication. The team is facing a grid where they have to cross from one side to the other stepping in the correct squares. The goal is to find the only right way. Every time a member steps in an incorrect square he is alerted by the facilitator, his intent is annulled and it is the next members turn.  

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Sheep & Shepherd

The objective is for the shepherd (one of the team) to guide their flock of sheep (the rest of the team) into a pen. Sound easy? Well, the sheep are blindfolded and once the challenge has begun nobody is allowed talk! The solution is before beginning the challenge, having elaborated between all one codes of action through a whistle.

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Sand logo building

Every team has a box to work. There is available the necessary tools. The aim is to build the logo of the company in the sand. Our juror will compare all the creations.

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Nails game

Talent game where the teams will have to build with only one material: nails. The facilitator will give them a clue in the middle of the game. Only the most talented will be able to build it.

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Other events that we suggest:


This is a team competition that consists of a number of practical outdoor problem-solving exercises designed to promote communication and interaction within teams.
We have a wide selection of team tasks that are exciting and loads of fun. Teams rotate through the different bases competing against other teams at each. These games test individual and team's mental agility to the full and do not require a high of fitness. Points are awarded at each base and novelty prizes are awarded to the winning team.

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Winemaker For a Day

Subject to the season dedicated to the grape harvest (end of season summer and early fall), we propose an approach to the world of vintage. First we carry out the vintage and tread on the grape. Then we challenge participants to work together, becoming winemakers for a day, starting in this curious world, seeking to develop and "convince" their own wines.

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Raft Building Challenge

Inner tubes, ropes, planks of wood, and a Swiss army knife are given to each team. Following certain construction and safety rules given by our instructors, teams will have to build a raft capable of floating and transporting the whole team in the water.
Once built and in the water, a race will follow to test each team's construction. We look for the Robinson Crusoe Team...

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