Beach Olympic Games

This is a team competition that consists of a number of beach sports and games designed to promote communication and interaction within teams.
We want to create a unique competition that can simulate the organization of the Olympic games, with a range of disciplines available for all the participants that are exciting and loads of fun.

Some of the challenges that can be included:

Human Futbol

We set up an original human home football field. Each player has a harness of ropes around his waist, which is joined to a rope buried in the sand. In this way each player has a reduced mobility. Players want to reach the ball…sounds easy? But they often fail a cause the ropes. Lots of fun!

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Tubing Relay

We challenge teams to a special relay at sea. Two team members must paddle over a truck inner tubes tied together. They must reach the buoy and back. Three pairs from each team will be relieved in this race. Meanwhile, other members of the teams encourage from the shore

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Paddeling Relay

Two teams face directly. All the members must be relieved. The aim is to be faster getting to a buoy and to back to the shore. We can offer the activity in his simpler version, with the knelt down participants. Paddeling stand up is only available for those who already had tried previously.

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Naval Attack

We are in a simulation of the game to sink ships. Each team has its own defensive zone to lay their boats (team members scattered and immobile). The opponent team must find and sink them with the torpedo (all team members united by the hands on the shoulders and blindfolded, except the leader or captain). The captains try to touch the enemy ships guiding the torpedo on the enemy defensive zone. Attention because talk is forbidden!

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Horseshoes Throwing Game

Perfect activity for the beach. We face the art of getting the horseshoe around the pole. This game allows us to have a demanding challenge where every team must delegate in a couple of his more skilful members ... and that succeed a couple of launches as minimally!

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Relays in the Sand

We will set up several easy relays. Two teams face, always available to all participants. On the one hand the typical sack relay. Then we continue with the change of the egg in the spoon. And finally a waiter relay taking in a tray a glass without spilling the water

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Other events that we suggest:

Raft Building Challenge

Inner tubes, ropes, planks of wood, and a Swiss army knife are given to each team. Following certain construction and safety rules given by our instructors, teams will have to build a raft capable of floating and transporting the whole team in the water.
Once built and in the water, a race will follow to test each team's construction. We look for the Robinson Crusoe Team...

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Olympic Games:

Would you simulate an Olympic athlete? In Montjuic Olympic Stadium or in a similar one we can organise the summer Olympic Games. In our version of the traditional high jump competition, the teams choose a member to actually throw over the bar. In the long jump competition team members complete the jump holding onto each other and jumping in unison. The javelin competition includes several team members holding onto a broom as they launch it all together. Here the objective of every activity is to combine traditional Olympic disciplines with a twist in order to encourage teamwork.

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TV Contest

Are you the one that more it knows? We propose a multidisciplinary activity which we cross famous contests of the history of the television. Always guided by our moderator we face a contest that will test the ingenuity of the teams with challenges that that will force us to be as versatile as possible.


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