Air Hot Ballon

The free flight is one of the more efficiency ways to have your team motivated in a common goal. Before starting there will be a briefing about the flight itself and also about basics on aerostatic flying. It will be explained the navigation time and the route.
Participants will have a free flight over the area of VIC near BARCELONA . They will enjoy the wonderful landscape and will have the opportunity to discover a new way of flying.

Other events that we suggest:

Rafting & Canyoning

Canyoning combines the techniques of both mountaineering and potholing with trekking in water and some swimming. With a neoprene suit, a helmet and tools such as ropes and harnesses, the participants will have to descend the walls of canyons and ravines, pass through narrow gorges and even cross small waterfalls to get to the river.
This sport allows you to travel to emblematic places and otherwise inaccessible locations.

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Regatta Challenge

We can organise two kinds of event. One excursion enjoying the good weather or we can challenge people with another fresh look at the value of team-building exercises.
There are many parallels between the challenges of sailing and the challenges your company faces. Teams are briefed on the skills of sailing a yacht by our carefully selected accredited sailing coaches. Your crews will then embark on 30 feet sailing boats (Oceanis Beneteau or similar), each team with a coach who will demonstrate the safety features of the yachts.

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TV Contest

Are you the one that more it knows? We propose a multidisciplinary activity which we cross famous contests of the history of the television. Always guided by our moderator we face a contest that will test the ingenuity of the teams with challenges that that will force us to be as versatile as possible.


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