4x4 & quads experience

A specially prepared course over the Natural Park of Garraf provides you the opportunity to learn the correct techniques for effective and safe off road driving. After receiving instruction on how to navigate with a map, compass and road book participants receive their mission: a team competition in 4x4 vehicles. They have to find various checkpoints.
And also we organize quad excursions. Similar to a motorcycle but with four wheels, the quad is a powerful vehicle able to access complicated forest tracks and trails. These vehicles are very easy to drive which makes them the perfect vehicle for excursions in the countryside

Other events that we suggest:

Paintball Tournament

This is a team competition that consists of a number of paintball battle exercises designed to promote communication and interaction within teams. We have a wide selection of fields with different decoration and teams will get to enjoy the experience of fighting in different fields with the marks. The teams rotate from field to field playing other teams. Paintball is the perfect excuse to shoot your boss without getting fired, or maybe not?

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Air Hot Ballon

The free flight is one of the more efficiency ways to have your team motivated in a common goal. Before starting there will be a briefing about the flight itself and also about basics on aerostatic flying. It will be explained the navigation time and the route.
Participants will have a free flight over the area of VIC near BARCELONA . They will enjoy the wonderful landscape and will have the opportunity to discover a new way of flying.

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Multi-adventure is a combination of challenging sports surrounded by nature to create healthy and yet competitive atmosphere.
Climbing involve a natural or artificial wall vertical progression; Rappelling offers the sensation of sliding down the mentioned wall; Archery requires presence of mind and technique to score high; Tibetan Bridge requires agility and balance to cross as fast as possible., etc...

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